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AAW 2007 : Day 5 : Wallpaper

Armand Appreciation Week 2007

Again, I used a picture of Bill Kaulitz for reference...

And the TH song that I picked for this year's inspiration for theme, combined with a quote from TVA.

Nach Dir Kommt Nichts wallpaper : 1024x768 Nach Dir Kommt Nichts wallpaper : 1024x768
Nach Dir Kommt Nichts wallpaper : 800x600 Nach Dir Kommt Nichts wallpaper : 800x600

English quote from The Vampire Armand, Anne Rice.
German title is a song title from Tokio Hotel. Photo reference = Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel.

I was originally going for something more intricated and sophisticated, but sometimes less is best. Especially when the intent was to convey the feeling uniting the song and the quote, a taste of ash in everything when the world loses its colours for lack of a certain someone or a certain something.

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