B. (superbabysimba) wrote in vampchronicles,

My reaction to Warner Bros's Queen of the Damned F.A.Q

Warner Bros's Queen of the Damned web site - the producer of the film tries to reason and justify all that they did with their "adaptation". He made it even worse.

I wrote down my genuine reaction and published it in hopes that those who THINK they could not have done better, would come to see that they really, truly could have.

That F.A.Q answer thingy is packed with utter nonesense and shameless lies! Especially at one point I really was shocked because what they said could not be anything but a shameless lie or them being mental. Please, read the the following through and you'll see just how! Don't worry - I remained very constructive and relatively calm and even do AGREE with them in some things - so it's not like I'm mindlessly bashing them or anything.
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